July 09 , 2018

Facebook V2.6 API Upgrade Reminders

Social Identity

Some of our customers may have received one or more messages from Facebook that look like the following:

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May 23 , 2018

College Applicant Blog Post - Part 2

Social Identity, College, Higher Education, Federated Identity Management, Identity Management, Identity and Access Management, Applying to College


Introduction from Cirrus Identity CEO, Dedra Chamberlin:

One of the biggest...

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March 02 , 2017

How Many User Accounts Does it Take to Apply to College?

Social Identity, College, Higher Education, Federated Identity Management, EdTech, Identity Management

An Identity Management Nightmare - Part 1 of 3

This blog also published on medium.

Introduction from Cirrus Identity CEO,...

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July 29 , 2016

Guest Account Management Solutions

Social Identity, SAML, Federated Identity Management, EdTech

Cirrus Identity has been busy expanding our suite of services, and we are proud to announce our new Comprehensive Guest...

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August 27 , 2015

Before and After Cirrus Identity

Social Identity, Higher Education

We are working with Newcastle University in the motherland. Here is what their log-in process looked like before Cirrus Identity.

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July 24 , 2015

It’s My Party...I’ll invite Social IDs If I Want To

Social Identity, OpenID Connenct, SAML

So you’re throwing a party! And in this case, it’s a Relying Party, or as we like to call them in the Higher Education world, a...

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