Posted by Cirrus Learning Center Team on Apr 14, 2023 10:38:39 AM
Cirrus Learning Center Team

Microsoft has published a new Azure AD document outlining the challenges, baseline design and solutions for multilateral federation that highlights the Cirrus Identity SAML Bridge as the first solution. Multilateral federation facilitates collaboration across multiple organizations around the world and it is a critical component to Identity and Access Management architecture in higher education and research. When an institution joins an eduGAIN national federation, they gain access to over 5,000 applications. Azure AD does not support multilateral federation, but there are solutions available to fill the gap.  

Cirrus Identity is pleased to be the first recommended solution for multilateral federation for Azure AD in the Microsoft recommended solutions. The advantages outlined by Microsoft include: Seamless cloud authentication, streamlined configuration, support for Conditional Access and the ability to utilize Azure AD-related solutions.


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