Posted by Dedra Chamberlin on May 19, 2020 6:10:57 PM

Universities across the country are still grappling with the impact of migrating many of their services online this past Spring.COVID-19 - Stay Home

For next Fall, whether campuses open for in-person instruction, or opt for online only instruction, most campuses will need to significantly expand their support of online services for next year.

Because access to online services typically begins when a user logs in to an online service, digital identity management is an important foundation to any expansion of online service delivery.

Cirrus Identity offers a Swiss army knife of identity tools

to help you support the "new normal"

Social Login
  • Allow parents, guardians, guest faculty, community volunteers and more to access university services using social login
  • Still allow campus SSO for your students, faculty and staff
Custom IdP
  • Cirrus hosted Identity Provider for guest accounts
  • You can brand to your campus look and feel
  • You can integrate access for guests alongside campus SSO for your core users
  • Used by some campuses to provide access for students in China

In addition to a variety of "modules" that can plug in to your existing campus architecture, the Cirrus Identity team has over 5 decades of combined experience solving higher education IT challenges.

We partner with our campuses to provide support with every integration, which can save time and relieve a lot of frustration. See our post on how Cirrus Identity relieves stress for IT teams (link here).

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