Posted by Cirrus Learning Center Team on Feb 5, 2024 1:18:45 PM
Cirrus Learning Center Team

In November 2023, InCommon introduced a new metadata health feature for the federation. This helps ensure accuracy of certain information provided in the metadata that can get stale over time like contacts, URLs (Privacy Statement, Logo, Error), and TLS endpoints. Below are some answers to common questions you may have about the metadata health feature. 


How do I access the metadata health feature?

From the InCommon Federation Manager, go to the Site Administrator Dashboard, click into an Identity Provider or Service Provider, then click the ‘Metadata Health’ tab on the left menu bar.


Do I need to respond to the InCommon email?

Since features are regularly updated, read any emails from InCommon regarding additional steps to ensure that your metadata is healthy and in compliance with InCommon standards. Reach out to InCommon at with any questions.

For example, in November 2023 InCommon sent out an "InCommon metadata health check" email to validate contacts. If you are the contact for one or more InCommon-registered entities, there is no action on your part. If you are not a contact for any service, please reply to that message and let them know.


What do Cirrus customers need to do?

Cirrus Bridge customers will check metadata health for your IdPs and Cirrus Proxy customers that have registered their proxy with InCommon will check Metadata Heath for your SPs.  

1. If you have not yet checked, login into the InCommon Federation Manager as a Site Administrator, visit the Metadata Health tab for your IdP or SP.

2. Review the results. If any item is red/Unhealthy, please check the InCommon wiki page on Metadata Health to learn what may be the cause and fix the issue. Visit the Cirrus blog post on Registering Cirrus Bridge with InCommon for an explanation of the different metadata attributes with the Cirrus Bridge. 

3. Reach out to InCommon at with any questions.

How often is metadata scanned?

Scans are scheduled by InCommon to run periodically to scan all entities while prioritizing recently published entities. Contact Health scans are currently separated from entity scans and will be conducted in a biannual batch process.


Where can I learn more about this?

The metadata health check is part of the ongoing work in setting Baseline Expectations for InCommon membership, designed and implemented through the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB). Visit the Baseline Expectations space to learn more about what is planned and what is coming. Reach out to InCommon at with any questions.