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Parent Access to Student Portal

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Social Logins

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Carnegie Mellon University enabled social logins and a Branded Guest Account for parents to access to campus applications.

Business Challenge

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) was one of the first campuses in the country to integrate social identity providers like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn for access to campus applications. They chose this approach early on to make it easier for parents to access CMU services, and remember how to log in each time they needed access.

As CMU staff looked to the future, they wanted to keep their Identity Management team focused on core identity services, and not have to spin staffing cycles on maintaining social identity integration. Cirrus Identity provided the perfect solution.

Project Goals


Improve the user experience for parents and guests invited by the CMU students.


Reduce administration for the Identity  & Access Management (IAM) team and support tickets for the Service Desk.


Retire legacy infrastructure and maintenance support.

How Cirrus Helped

Parents are no longer frustrated about forgotten passwords when accessing the “TheHub” service. By leveraging social login, the CMU identity management team doesn’t have to worry about creating accounts for parents, or helping them with forgotten usernames and passwords.

CMU was able to retire their homegrown invitation service and social identity authentication service and focus engineering resources on higher priority projects.

Parent & Guest Login to TheHub



"Leveraging the expertise and professionalism of the Cirrus Identity team allowed us to quickly roll out the Org Branded ID service for users that did not have, or want to have other social identity types. "

Chris Dalansky, Manager, Identity Services

Intuitive User Experience - Parents and student guests use accounts and passwords they already know!


Cost Savings - The IAM team and Service Desk can use time savings to work on other priorities!  Legacy infrastructure was retired and ongoing maintenance avoided.

"Through our close partnership with Cirrus Identity, IAMS is able to deploy services and deliver value to our business partners quickly and efficiently."

Garrett King, Director, Identity Services

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