Notification when invitation, request based account linking, or self-registration complete

uri Customer defined endpoint such as "{uid}", the endpoint should end with the {uid} parameter.
description A REST API call that is fired when an invitation, account linking request, or self-registration returns from the login method and again when it is completed.
http method GET or POST (when using POST an optional attribute payload can be included)
authentication Customer must provide Cirrus Identity a user name and password pair to support HTTP Basic authentication (BA)

Required Parameters

Name Description Format
uid The UID of the claimed invitation object. Can be used to subsequently obtain details about the invitation using /api/v2/invitation/ . The response from /api/v2/invitation/ will provide the UID for the guest object that can then looked up using /api/v2/guest/ .

NOTE: There can be short delays (<5 sec) before the data can be looked up from the /api/v2/* APIs. Customers should plan integrations accordingly.

rfc4122 UUID Type 4

Optional JSON Body

Name Description Format
Any attributes available from an invitation record as well as state information If a POST method is used, an optional JSON body may be attached that can contain any values present from the invitation object.

The state value can also be included -- the notification API is triggered at two points in the claim flow and the state indicates which point in the flow:
  1. At the point where the end user has authenticated, and the identity provider has released attributes to the Invitation/Account Linking/Self-Registration service -- this is the "valid-eligible" state
  2. At the point where the end user has completed the claim process -- this is the "valid" state
rfc8259 JSON

Sample Event

Here is a sample notification received from an AWS API Gateway ({uid} has been sanitized).

HTTP Method: POST, Resource Path: /notify/aaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeee


When Triggered

The notification is triggered after the claiming process is complete for the invitation, request based account linking, and self-registration flows. The following diagrams indicate where this happens for each flow:

Invitation Flow Diagram


Request Based Account Linking Flow


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